Scheduled Speakers and Topics from September of 2016

  September 17, 2016    MaerWilson  New book, Biography of Philip K.  Dick

  October 15, 2016        BobAlvis         Montecello,  The Biography of a House

  November 19, 2016    WilliBear        New Book, The Corksuckers

  December 17, 2016   TBA

  January 21, 2017        DennisSuter     Museums I Have Visited

  February 18, 2017      JohnSalacan    The Art of Book Binding

  March 18, 2017          RobinNiedecker     Carnegie Libraries

  April 15, 2017             Regina Zeitlan         Law Enforcement on Two Borders

  May 20, 2017              TBA

  June 17, 2017             Summer Picnic – No speaker - BookDiscussion

At our February meeting, John Salacan, spoke about The Pencil and the culmination of 5,000 years of development in writing.

Our January speaker was FOL member Dennis Suter presenting a slide show of museums he has visited.

The Friends of the Library meeting on Saturday, September 17th featured author Maer Wilson. Her new memoir is titled 'The Other Side of Philip K. Dick' and covers her friendship with Phil the last ten years of his life. Philip K. Dick wrote numerous science fiction books and stories which ended up on Hollywood screens.


Our December speaker was  Jo A. Wilkins, an experienced author and publisher from Henderson.  Mrs. Wilkins is founder and CEO of two publishing groups:  1) Mystic Publishers, a very economical guide to the author who chooses to self-publish his/her works;  and 2) Nightfall Publications, a full, traditional publishing company.  Her lively presentation was very factual, with special emphasis on the need to use competent editors, and hints regarding the marketing of your book.  A successful writer needs to read two books: for non-fiction, The A P Manual of Style, and for fiction, The Chicago Manual of Style.


May  2010 Speaker


Local author and historian, Robert McCracken,
spoke at the Friends Of  The Library May 1st meeting.


December  2009 Speaker

Dan Rodriguez

Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce director spoke on authoring books,  business experiences and the local chamber.

November 2009 Speaker

Local historian and Pahrump Mirror columnist John Weisser spoke about
prospectors from the Nevada  gold and silver mining era.

January 2009 Speaker

Speaker: Brian Brown,  China Ranch Date Farm

BRIAN BROWN, owner of the unique oasis called the China Ranch Date Farm, addressed the Friends of the Library at their January meeting. His presentation answered the question most frequently asked:  Why is his date orchard called The China Ranch? Brian has searched many resources looking for that answer.  “Loafing Along Death Valley Trails,” a 1950 publication by Mr. Caruthers, and the Inyo County records were especially informative.
    In 1882, The Pacific Coast Borax Company recruited Chinese workers to mine the abundant borax crystal found in Death Valley. (Remember the old radio show, Death Valley Days, advertising the 20-mule team borax products?)  Because of the intense summer heat in Death Valley, the Company would transfer their workers to another borax mine about seven miles from the present Date Farm.  A Chinese man named Ah-foo was sent to a “ranch in the region” to grow vegetables for the workers. Presumably, this ranch was the present Date Farm where there was plenty of water and good soil.  Inyo County records verify two references to Ah-foo: a 1895 court action, and a 1900 quit-claim deed to Misters Morrison and Walsh, who bought the “Chinaman’s Ranch” for $1,000 in gold. 
    From 1919 to 1925 Brian’s great aunt owned the ranch and built a home there. She ordered generic date seeds by mail, which she then planted along the drive-way up to the house.  The trees, planted in 1920, still line the drive, towering over the other, younger trees in the orchard.  (Dates from the original trees, called the China Ranch Variety, are still harvested.)
    In 1969, Brian’s father bought an interest in the ranch.  Since 1990, Brian and his wife have worked to enhance the orchard with specific varieties of dates, and build the business.  In recent years, Brian came to an agreement with the Nature Conservancy to designate a portion of the acreage for further development of the orchard, but dedicate the larger surrounding area in perpetuity to conservation, thus preventing residential development.  The China Ranch Oasis, with its flowing creek, will always be there for future generations to enjoy.

October 2008 Speaker

Local history teacher Bob Mobley, spoke about the Comstock Lode
and silver mining in Virginia City, Nevada.

June 2008 - Julie Moreo

Julie Moreo autugraphs her book You Are More Than Enough:
Every Woman's Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power
 for  member Helene Campton.

May 2008 - Geoff Schumacher

At the May 3rd Friends of the Library meeting, guest speaker,
 Geoff Schumacher
autographed his book, Howard Hughes: Power, Paranoia & Palace Intrigue for member Nancy Suter.

April 2008 - Ronald Wayne

Ronald Wayne talked about the value of money